Brentwood Lions
Brentwood Lions

Event Prohibited Items

As with all events held in the UK, we must provide a prohibited items list. The following articles must not be brought into the event:

• Drones or Remote Controlled Aircraft
• Knifes, guns or any type of weapons.
• Alcohol (except that purchased from the bar)
• Expolsives & Fireworks
• Cycles & Skateboards
• Scooters & Wheeled shoes
• Flag poles greater than 1m in length
• Smoke canisters
• Air-horns
• Flares
• Dangerous or hazardous materials
• Laser devises
• Bottles/ glass vessels
• Poles or any article that might be used as a wepon and/ or compromise public safety
• Musical instruments: trumpets, drums and other devices capable of causing a disturbance or nuisance.
• Spray paint & permanent marker pens
• Inappropriate branding, unauthorised fliers
• Illegal Drugs


Any person in possession of such items will be refused entry, requested to leave the event and with some articles reported to the police onsite.




Pets/ Dogs.

Those attending are permitted to bring dogs to the site, however owners must:

• Keep pets on leads at all times
• Not bring dogs prone to biting to site
• Bring poop bags and pick up their pets poop as dispose of it appropriately
• Bring water and a bowel for pet
• Ensure the pet is wearing a collar, name & contact tag
• Pets must not be left in vehicles

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